6 Gambling Book Recommendations For Beginners

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If you are a beginner in gambling, you would have likely come across gambling lingo that made no sense to you, the changing rules across casinos for what seemed like the same game and other such challenges. One indeed gets better with practice. But you need some initial guidance on how to start. That is why we have a carefully curated list of books for beginners in gambling. These books cater to those novices who are in pursuit of making it big in the gambling arena.

Must-Read Books for beginners

  1. Sports Betting for Dummies

If you are going to place your first sports bet, make sure to read this book before you do. It has all the information that a sports bettor should know. The first hurdle for a beginner is, understanding the terms in sports betting. The author Swain Scheps breaks down the sports betting jargon for the ease of beginners. In the later chapters, you can read about the types of betting in sports, how the handicap system works, and the online sports betting scene. Towards the end, the author even gives tips about betting in the grand sports events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics!

  1. Complete Guide to Gambling

The book is written by John Scarne who is hailed as a hero within the gambling circuit. From tips for live casinos to online gambling, this book has everything a beginner needs. The author has beautifully described the history of popular gambling games. The rules for various games are listed out as well. Some readers consider this as an encyclopaedia of sorts. What makes the book fun to read are the anecdotes that the author has sprinkled across the pages.

  1. The Logic of Sports Betting

This book has been co-authored by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow – two people who have a well-known connection in the betting industry. Miller has sold about 300,000 books on several gambling games. This book is his first one on sports betting. The book gives readers an understanding of the behind the scenes of sports betting  – the login sportsbooks use while making betting lines.

  1. Beat the Dealer

The author of this book is Edward O Thorp – a math genius who is hailed as the father of card counting. In games such as blackjack, gamblers employ a technique called card counting to overturn the house edge. In this book, he explains the mathematical aspects of gambling and how to use them for financial gain. It has some valuable cheat sheets that you can memorise for your games.

  1. Beating the Casinos at Their Own Games

As a beginner, you do not want to read a book that is overflowing with information. This book will not bore you with plain pages of information – it has glossy and colourful illustrations that pique the interest of amateurs and pro gamblers alike.

  1. The Professor, The Suicide King and The Banker

This book is for people who love playing poker. Rather than giving out information alone,  it contains stories from the Mecca of gambling – Las Vegas.

These books will give you plenty of insights into gambling. But as they say, ‘You cannot learn to swim by reading an instruction manual,’ you cannot expect to become an expert gambler. Use the knowledge gained from reading, by visiting Azure hand Room – take the plunge into the dreamy world of gambling, it’s going to be fun! We promise.