Safety concerns regarding online purchase of vehicles in India

Volkswagen, also known by the short form VW, is a German car manufacturer founded in the late 1930s. Volkswagen has its Manufacturing units in many parts of the world and has a known global presence. The Volkswagen beetle has been one of its most popular cars for decades and still is till date and is known to all auto enthusiasts. The Volkswagen entered India in the year 2007 and has been a popular car manufacturing company since.

Buying a used Volkswagen Polo online

The online market has become one of the most popular places to visit when looking for a used car. There a several websites that cater to the needs of the buyers and even make it easy for the seller to meet the buyer and negotiate the sale of the car.

Online Price Range

The online online price for used Volkswagen Polo in Bangalore starts at 2 lakh rupees and go all the way up to 8 lakh rupees. Different websites quote different websites and charge different commission rates. These websites provide different certification, services and warranties that increase the price even further. Even though these certain services increase prices, they still offer a lower price than buying a new car.  With a mileage of 15.5 kilometers per liter, the Volkswagen Polo is the hatchback, which makes a fairly good buy. Especially since Bangalore is a metropolitan city, this car can be easily maneuvered through traffic as compared to the SUVs available in the market.

Financing the Volkswagen Polo

In addition to the various types of car loans that can be availed today, there are also several repayment options available. Of the multitude of options available, majority of the buyers opt for EMIs. The reason why most buyers are drawn to EMI is because of its flexibility in terms of contract and comfortable and attractive rates of interests. Banks provide quick and easy loans with EMI options low interest rates, easy and hassle free documentation and flexible schemes with a tenure lasting up to 7 years to suit the buyers’ needs. Since most people opt for a car loan, they consider it useful to know how much their EMI will be when comparing the loan options from various banks.