5 Benefits of Life Insurance for Women Policyholders

Women play significant roles in their lives. They are supermoms, loving wives and dynamic professionals at the workplace. As a primary responsibility, women should hold a life insurance policy in their financial plan. Her life is just as important as any earning member in a family. Women should understand why life insurance is important for them. Women and life insurance have not been so systematically considered but here are five reasons why it is time to change this.

  1. Financial independence: Traditionally, women live as dependents in India. They live based on the financial support of their father, husband or son. However, their life should never be at risk or compromised. A life insurance policy with comprehensive benefits can provide financial assistance throughout her life. For example, some comprehensive plans combine a savings and protection plan and health-related riders for extensive life insurance benefits. These plans provide a fixed income regularly once the plan matures through a defined income period. Market-linked investment avenues in these plans can help women systematically invest and build wealth over time. Hence, women can live financially free at different stages in their life.
  2. Achieving long-term dreams: If a woman is the only earning member in the family or a single woman, many financial commitments strike her life frequently. However, she has the freedom to pursue her dreams such as higher education in foreign universities, vacations etc. What can provide guaranteed financial assistance? A guaranteed savings plan can contribute to her long-term financial commitments. As the returns are guaranteed in an insurance saving plan, it can precisely pay for the financial goal and also ensure financial security to the family in her absence.
  3. Economic support for the family: A woman is an efficient homemaker. She can take care of children, cook meals, be a caregiver and look after a thousand other requests of the family. If she meets with a sudden demise, the spouse will definitely require financial assistance to ensure all the household activities that the woman was responsible for is not affected. Hence, a life insurance policy ensures economic support for her family in her absence. Also, women enjoy various discounts on the policy premiums. TATA AIA policy is one renowned product that ensures the best financial advantage for women policyholders.
  4. For medical assistance: Of late, we have seen many women getting affected due to serious health issues such as breast cancer. It requires consistent medical assistance. A basic term insurance plan with the critical illness cover benefit will make a portion of the sum assured payable for handling the medical expenses.
  5. Wealth creation: Women earn well in successful careers. They would have set a more comfortable lifestyle that they would like to maintain throughout their life. Investment is one of the best choices to grow wealth for a future life in a competitive world dominated by financial factors such as inflation. Investing in comprehensive life insurance policies such as ULIP can provide insurance benefits and market-linked returns too. It is relatively safe as the insurer manages the fund with your cooperation. You can invest in equity, debt or hybrid funds based on your risk tolerance levels. You can also switch between the funds based on the market volatility.


Life insurance for women can provide extensive benefits. It can let them be financially free, pursue their dreams, provide economic support for the family, get assistance for medical needs and create wealth. Moreover, on average, women are considered to live longer than men. Therefore, women have to ensure their financial support through a comprehensive savings plan!