Approaches for Part-Time Foreign Exchange Traders

The forex market is open for trade and is operational 24/7, six days a week. That means you can perform trades whenever you have the time to trade. Few individuals practice full-time forex trading. Individuals in the working class are often unable to practice full-time forex trade due to their tight schedules. They often perform their trades during their free time, or when they are not doing anything work-related, such as during lunch breaks and over-night.

Given that the forex market is fluid, inconsistent, or sporadic, inconsistent trading can result in lost opportunities to purchase or sell. The missed opportunities imply trouble for a part-time trader.

Time constraints happen to be the common challenge for part-time forex traders. To succeed as a part-time forex trader, you need to develop and practice the various strategies for performing trades part-time. Consider checking up to learn more on the best forex trade trading platforms.

The part-time forex trade strategies you can utilize to avoid irregulartrading are as follows.

1.          KnowingYour Forex Markets

Knowing that you shall not be available to trading full time, you should consider opting for those currencies that are more active compared to other market currencies. Find out the times that the major currencies’ markets operations so that you can correctly select the majorcurrency pairs.

2.          Stop-Loss Orders

This is where you let computers trade on your behalf. Acomputer gets to trade for you once a trading program has been installed. Given that the forex market is extremely fluid and monitoring it can be entirely complicated.

A stop-loss order can also be great for part time traders as it protects them from losses. A stop-loss order is where a trader sets a minimum amount upon which if a traderwere to suffer huge losses, then the trade stops once the forex trade losses have hit the stop loss orders.

3.          Price Action in Forex

This mainly involves the analysis of the methodological or charts of the pair of currencies so that you can inform a given trade. Consider the up-bars and down-bars, and analyse them thoroughly to be able to inform your trade.

4.          Taking less positions and holding for a given number of days

If you already have the select pair of currencies that you intend to use, you can pick some positions and retain them with you for a prolonged period. That is a wise move for part-timers. Also, you may choose to place a stop-loss orders on all of your trades, which aids in diminishing loses should the market move in the opposite direction than expected.

5.          View long term trends

Studying long term trends is beneficial for a part-time trader as it will make it easy for you to carry out trades by looking at your computer for a singly on a daily basis.

6.          Set up trading orders

Establishing a limit, stop loss plus any exit or entry orders work on ensuring that you are able to utilize all opportunities of entry or exit positions. Numerous trading sites give the opportunity to employ all the above orders in trade, with no extra fees. Therefore, you can set up your trades and employ all the orders outline above to ensure that you gain from all angles.

7.          Utilize technology

Technology is key for success for any part-time trader. Therefore, it is essential that part-time traders embrace technology and apply in their day-day trades. Since you as a part-time trader trades a few minutes and get back to your main job, you should consider setting up computerizedwarningsto either your email or mobile phone. The alerts are vital as they signal you of currency price fluctuations, while you are actively not on trade.


Part-time traders can reap big time from the forex market if they adopt the above approaches. Given the volatility of the forex market, trading can be a very risky affair, more so without the implementation of the proper approach. Hence, approaches like establishing stop loss orders, looking at pro-longed trends, setting up trading orders and making use of the available technology can work towards your favor, with regards to part-time trading.