Online Commodity Trading on MCX And NCDEX

Commodity Marketplace is an industry where raw products or items are introduced in marketplace for selling or purchasing, these items are exchanged within this market.

First of all Commodity Buying and selling was began within the 1800s. In those days Commodity Buying and selling ended by small clay coins that have been produced by baking in summers. In those days Commodity buying and selling includes buying and selling of sheep, pigs along with other cattle, wheat and corns.

Afterwards Commodity Market size elevated and lots of other activities were incorporated inside it. Now Commodity Buying and selling is completed Online in many parts around the globe.

There are lots of goods for buying and selling within the commodity market. Commodity Market contain 2 kind of trades they’re:-

MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) and

NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange)

MCX – MCX started in 2003 in India. MCX is India’s no. 1 commodity exchange because it has 84% share of the market (2008). In worldwide it’s ranking 1. in Silver 2. in Gas and three. in Gold and Oil. MCX includes following goods:-

METAL – Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Sponge Iron, Steel Lengthy, Steel Flat, Tin.

Gold – Gold, Gold HNI, Gold M, i Gold, Silver, Silver HNI, Silver M

FIBER – Cotton L Staple, Cotton M Staple, Cotton Yarn, Kapas

Spices or herbs – Cardamom, Jeera, Pepper, Red Chilli

PULSES – Chana, Matur, Yellow Peas


ENERGY – Oil, Furnance Oil, Gas



Oil and Oil Seed products.

NCDEX – It had been established on 23 April 2003 which is an open Limited Company. NCDEX is controlled by FMC for Future Buying and selling in Goods. It’s situated in Mumbai.

Goods Traded in NCDEX are listed below:-

AGRI Based Goods – Chana, Chilli, Cofee, Cotton Seed, Crude Palm Oil, Groundnut, Groundnut Expeller Oil, Guar Gum, Guar Seed products, Gur, Jeera, Kidney Beans, Masoor Grain Bold, Staple cotton, Mentha Oil, Mulberry Raw Silk, Mulbery Eco-friendly Cocoons etc.

Gold – Gold 1 KG, Gold 100 gm, Silver 30KG, Silver 5 KG.

ENERGY – Brent Oil, Furnance Oil, Light Sweet Oil.

FERROUS METALS – Mild Steel Ingot.

PLASTICS – Polypropylene, Straight line Low Density Polyethene, Polyvinyl Chloride.

NON-FERROUS METALS – Aluminium Ingot, Copper Cathode, Nickel Ingot, Zinc Cathode.