Warren Bowie & Smith Review: [€5000 Deposit] Trading Tested

Warren Bowie & Smith is a modern brokerage platform that was launched in 2020. It has a powerful trading platform known as ‘PROfit’ that guarantees smooth and fast execution of trades. It is based in 

Mauritius and regulated by Financial Services Commission. Its services are available in more than 100 countries of the world but a vast majority of its clients are based in European countries. It offers a customized platform hence is it unique and more attractive compared to other brokers who use ready-made platforms such as MT4 and MT5. 

Back in April 2022, I was surfing the web in search of a good and reliable brokerage platform and now, after three months, today I am writing this review myself. My journey over these three months remained really interesting and informative, and those who want to step into the field of trading for the first time can utilize my experience.  

After searching for many days and checking hundreds of brokers, I came across Warren Bowie and Smith. When I read about it, I felt happy that I may have found the broker I was looking for. So I visited the platform and it took my attention. The first look was like this

It made a solid impression and I made an account with it soon after checking some important aspects such as security, reliability, and transparency. 

First Impression Is the Last Impression

As William Hazlitt said, the first impression is the last impression; the first look of Warren Bowie & Smith mesmerized me. Its mature-looking interface was enough to convince me that it is a good platform that can fulfill my requirements and give me satisfaction and piece of mind. A live chat option was present on the home screen all the time which I used to confirm a few things about the platform such as the initial deposit limit and availability of CFDs. When I clicked on the chat icon, I received a message within 10 seconds so I thought it is a computer-generated message but later I found that I am chatting with a human.

I was amazed to see that my query was replied to in detail within a couple of minutes and then I decided to register with Warren Bowie & Smith and invest €5000 straightaway. I have been trading with this broker for three months now and in these three months, I have successfully converted my initial deposit to €17000. In this Warren Bowie & Smith review, I am going to share my so far experience with this broker in detail.

Registration with Warren Bowie & Smith

When I attempted to register myself with Warren Bowie & Smith, the registration form was simple and short. It took me only 5 minutes to fill the required fields and enter the verification code which I received at my email address. The information that I had to provide included

  1. Full name
  2. Phone number
  3. Country
  4. Email address
  5. Password
  6. Verification code
  7. Terms and conditions (check box)

I was granted access to the platform right after submitting this form. The platform doesn’t have any account types to choose from. All traders are treated equally without any prejudice. I made my deposit of €5000 and started investing in my favorite assets. 

After completion of the registration process, one of the agents of Warren Bowie & Smith called me to welcome me onboard. He gave me useful advice regarding online trading and how to lower the risks. He suggested investing my funds in multiple assets and trading products.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods with Warren Bowie & Smith

I made my deposit in my account through a Visa card transfer. I did this because I am a regular Visa card user and it seemed easier to me. Warren Bowie & Smith allows traders to deposit through three types of methods: Bank to a bank transfer, credit card transfer, and online app transfer. It accepts transfers through all international banks, Visa and MasterCard, and various online payment apps (Skrill, Pay Retailers, Safety Pay, and Paysafecard).

Interestingly, all of these methods can be used in reverse as well, for withdrawals. I have installed apps and I withdraw my profits whenever I want. The withdrawal request is processed on the same day and I have never faced any delay from the broker’s end. I deposited €5000 initially and I have earned €12000 with that investment. I have withdrawn €7k from the profit I earned, which is more than my investment. €10k is still in my Warren Bowie & Smith account which I am using for further trading and I am optimistic that I will soon double this amount too with the help of Warren Bowie & Smith. 

Trading Platform of Warren Bowie & Smith

The trading platform of Warren Bowie & Smith (PROfit) has helped me throughout my three-month journey with this broker. It has provided me with a memorable trading experience through its power, smoothness, and speed. It has the ability to handle multiple commands at a time. So far, I have never seen any glitch or bug that could ruin my trading experience. The best thing about PROfit is that is user-friendly. 

In addition to the web version, Warren Bowie & Smith has a mobile version as well which proved a side benefit for me. I have installed the app from Plat Store named ‘PROfit Mobile Trading’. It helps me to monitor my trades and keep an eye on the fluctuating prices to figure out more opportunities. In terms of performance, the mobile app is equivalent to the desktop platform as it ensures smoothness and speed.

Trading Instruments Offered by Warren Bowie & Smith

A trading instrument is an asset class in which a trader can invest. A trading instrument can have hundreds of assets with different prices and profit margins. Warren Bowie & Smith is offering four trading instruments at this time and all of them are lucrative. I was allowed to invest in commodities, foreign currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. CFDs (Contracts for deposits) and ETFs (Exchange-traded funds) are also available for trading on this platform. Combined, there are more than 600 trading assets available in these trading markets. These trading assets helped me to expand my portfolio and eventually lower the trading risk.

Customer Support Services of Warren Bowie and Smith

Customer support services have acquired the status of a backbone for every firm nowadays, especially in banking and brokerage platforms scenario. It is because the brokers who don’t provide timely assistance tend to lose their client base very often. There are so many options in front of clients and they don’t compromise on customer support services. Warren Bowie & Smith is a broker that has maintained robust customer support since its launch. 

My experience with its support staff has remained very polite and caring. As this was my first trading experience with any broker, I wasn’t very much aware of ETFs. So I decided to use its customer support service. As I had already used its chat option, I decided to use a different medium this time. I opted for its ‘contact us’ form. I was surprised to see that Warren Bowie & Smith filters the complaints into four categories so that they reach the relevant department.            

I filled the form with my name and email and then provided a short description of my inquiry. From the following given four options regarding types of query, I selected General query.

  • General query
  • Technical issue
  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal

The representatives of the platform called me back within 15 minutes and provided me with all the information related to my concerns. After a couple of days, I received another call in which I was asked whether I was satisfied with the behavior of the support agents and I responded affirmatively. 

Trading Conditions of the Warren Bowie & Smith platform

The trading conditions of the Warren Bowie & Smith platform are in favor of clients. Clients are provided all the possible relief and satisfaction. The fee structure is also very lenient as the broker has completely wiped off all deposit and withdrawal fees. I only pay those fees which are charged by my bank and ATM card provider. 

Warren Bowie & Smith is an entirely commission-free brokerage platform. It only charges a rollover fee and an inactivity fee in case an account remains inactive for 3 months. 

Warren Bowie & Smith is providing its services in more than 100 countries of the world in 6 different time zones. The clients are asked to follow the time of the international trading markets.

Final Remarks

My decision of trading with Warren Bowie & Smith has proven best for me as I have no regrets. If someone will ask me to choose again, I would still opt for this broker. In my so far trading experience, I have learned that PROfit platform, customer support, security, and user-friendliness of this broker are its key strengths. If you also want to have a fearless and lucrative trading experience, then Warren Bowie & Smith is the one for you.