5 Things You Can Do With A Hero Unlimited Vodafone Idea Recharge!

Almost everybody promises unlimited data, but very few truly understand the meaning behind it. One such network provider is the Vodafone Idea collaboration, aka Vi! If you do your Vodafone recharge now known as your Vi recharge online, you must’ve seen the category titled “Hero Unlimited”. Today, let’s talk about what exactly is the Hero Unlimited Vodafone idea recharge and 5 things you can do with all the unlimited data.

Hero Unlimited is a truly unlimited recharge plan offered by Vi. This category starts with plans that offer 1.5GB data per day and goes up to plans with 3GB data per day. Apart from giving truly unlimited calls, what makes this category worthy of the title Hero Unlimited is the free reign to binge all night without losing any data along with the Weekend data rollover and backup data.

Here are 5 ways you can use the unlimited data you get with this Vodafone recharge, now known as a Vi prepaid recharge:

  1. Download/Binge All Night

Hero Unlimited plan’s Binge All Night feature allows the customer to surf, stream and share to their heart’s content from 12 am, i.e. midnight, to 6 am in the morning. This happens without any pack deduction and at no extra cost! So, now you can download unlimited movies or binge all night without worrying about losing data.

  1. Get A Complimentary Subscription To Disney+Hotstar

When you do a Vi recharge online for a Hero Unlimited plan, there’s also a chance you can get a free subscription to Disney+Hotstar Mobile or Disney+Hotstar Premium. Choose the plan that offers either of these, and you’re good to go. Then you can enjoy unlimited streaming on the OTT platform i.e. Disney+Hostar.

  1. Stream Vi™ Movies And TV

With every “Hero Unlimited” plan, comes a “Vi Movies & TV” Classic Access. You can now enjoy unlimited movies, originals, live TV, news & much more on the app with every Hero Unlimited recharge that you do! Moreover, with facilities like “binge all night” and “weekend data rollover” you can easily stream these without worrying about data.

  1. Pick Up A New Skill Online

When you have truly unlimited data with the Hero Unlimited plan, you have the opportunity to pick up a new skill online. You could learn a few professional courses, become a trained magician, learn how to play musical instruments, become a language expert by learning new languages and do much more with the unlimited data you get.

  1. Play High Data Consuming Games With Ease

Some online games or even the ones you download on your phone consume a lot of data. And a majority of people prefer playing it on WiFi to avoid losing out on their precious daily quota of data. However, you don’t have to be one of them anymore. You can now play even high data-consuming games on your phone with Vi’s Hero Unlimited plan.

To avail of all of these benefits, all you need to do is recharge your Vi number. And if you ask us, we’d prefer to get it done via Airtel Payments Bank. Not only can you get your Vi prepaid recharge done here, but you can also make your Vi bill payment via the same payment portal.