Why Must People Residing in Flood-Prone Areas Have Car Insurance?

With the onset of monsoon during August and September, the entire country’s forest cover changes its colour. From yellow-clad trees to lush green tree-tops, the views are breath-taking. But rains apart from bringing relief, bring its share of problems; problems of flooding.

Since the rainfall in the country is not spread evenly throughout the year, there is very high to extreme rainfall during these months. These situations often witness overflowing of the rivers and flooding too. Floods in the country cause damage running into thousands of crores rupees. One such problem that is seen to occur due to floods each year is the damage to automobiles.

Water often accumulates in times of high rainfall causing floods. This problem is more persistent in flood-prone areas where there are low-lying land and an area for water accumulation. The highest impact is witnessed in such flood prone-areas.

Due to such reasons, it becomes crucial to have a car insurance policy. Let us look at a few conditions thatcan be claimed under your car insurance.

Damage to your car’s engine

The engine is the most important part of your car. Without the engine, your vehicle is a big pile of metal on wheels. The engine requires utmost care for the longevity of your car. During floods, water often seeps into the core components of the engine due to waterlogging. In such a situation, if you turn on your car, there can be water ingress damaging the vital parts of the engine.

To prevent such unexpected damages to the engine, an engine project cover is recommended. This add-on for your car can save you loads as minor damage to the engine can weigh on your wallet. Moreover, apart from covering problems due to water ingress, the damage to the gearbox, piston rods, shafts and other essential spares is also covered under the engine protect add-on. Evaluate updated premiums instantly post addition of add-ons with the help of a car insurance calculator.

Car Decor

Flooding not only damages the engine of your car, but also can damage the interior and upholstery. Changing the upholstery requires a substantial amount and a car insurance cover comes handy at these times. A comprehensive insurance plan will be useful to cover these damages that otherwise will be expensive. You can also purchase an additional zero depreciation insurance cover. This will prevent from losing out any value at the time of making an insurance claim.

Although your insurance plan covers the damages mentioned above, there are certain damages which are excluded. The damage to the music system, CNG kits, are not covered under your insurance policy. Moreover, consumables like nuts, bolts, washers, screws, grease, brake oils, fuels, are covered only when mentioned explicitly by your policy. In other cases, you can opt for a consumables add-on cover. It will ensure any replacement required is also covered under your insurance plan.

So if you are someone who resides in a flood-prone area, make sure to purchase suitable add-ons like engine protect cover and consumable cover. These add-ons will help in including all the possible scenarios under your insurance plan. Don’t forget to include these add-on covers at your next car insurance renewal and stay at peace knowing your insurance company has got your back.